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Ok so I was wondering if the goodnites trufit were any good or even worth buying, I thought the underwear was cute and the idea was cool. Also I figured that the pads could also make good boosters for the disposable goodnites but I wasn't all to sure cause it might be too expensive.
Oh the tru fit pads are awesome boosters. they hold a lot and swell a lot too! better than the adult diaper brand boosters.
I actually watched a review on this the other day and they seem pretty cool. Main downfall for me is that they don't have reusable boosters, cuz the underwear designs (particularly the girl ones) are quite nice.
The pads make a good booster for goodnites, they also work well on their own with the underwear. Either way you choose to use it, it's a good investment. The tru-fit underwear can even be worn like real underwear without the insert.
They are a great product. I use them when I need to wear something thin and I can not wear a diaper, because it would just be too thick.. I wish they made the underwear more little boyish but the designs are still nice.
The Tru-Fits are in every diaper that I wear. You can buy them everywhere, they are inexpensive and you can buy per pack as it's cheaper than buying per case with adult booster pads. They are a modest $9 at Wal-Mart for 16 L-XL or 18 S-M. I've stopped buying booster pads online and have been buying these loyally since they came out.
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