Goodnites trufit pads

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So I currently have normal boys goodnites, trufit pads, and trufit underwear. The trufit are awesome and hold a lot (more then the normal goodnites) but you can't really poop in them with just a pad inside. I normally use regular goodnites for messing. I would like to try doubling up, but I'm not sure what the best combination will be, and as of right now I can't really get actual diapers. Also which layers of the doubler(s) would I need to slit? (the trufit pads arnt plastic backed) Also I'm not afraid of thickness, but I have found that when I put too many doublers in a single goodnite the leak guards loose effectiveness. I'm thinking potentially something with the trufit underwear on the outside like plastic pants...
Unless I am overlooking something, I am too large to wear the actual baby diapers. I have a waist of 35" and weigh about 180#. I do have some large pampers size 6 that I use for extra absorbancy, after preparing them of course to be placed as the outside layer in an adult diaper, usually an Abena M3 or M4. If there are some actual baby diapers that are large enough to fit, I would like to know about them.
I am 130lbs 29'' waist and the goodnites fit me perfectly. I've heard of them fitting people way bigger then the weight limits on the pack, but I can't speak for any other diapers...
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