Goodnites or Tranquility ATNs?

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I'm going to have enough money to spring for either a package of 20 Goodnites, or 24 Tranquility ATN diapers.

I was wondering what the opinion of the ADISC community was.

Should I opt for the ATNs or the Goodnites?
ATNs. Goodnites are stretchy but not enough room in it.
Yeap. I vote ATN, too!
ATNs you are not ten anymore get diapers that will fit and work.
Well, imo each one serves their purpose. I actually really enjoy goodnites because it puts me in the right headspace for my regression, since I tend to focus on an older age than most. Something about cute pull-ups are irresistible to me. But don't expect them to hold much at all when you use them. I find myself having to plan my wettings in a goodnite so as to not flood it too quickly or too much and cause them to leak. An ATN will provide much better security since it's an actual diaper and not a pull-up, but it's size and plastic backing means it definitely won't be discreet compared to the goodnite. They aren't the most obvious diaper of the mix, but just keep it in mind that you should be aware of how you look and sound when wearing them out and about.
Goodnight are a really small frame pull up whereas ATN'S have the absorbance and bigger size so if you want to regress do the small,if your a leaky or want to be leaky and protected adult go with ATN, if you have limited playtime and Chance to wear that should guide you. ATN'S are full size full time protection whereas good nite for an adult should really be used for non mobility times to insure you don't destroy the thing.either way you go Have Fun.
Definitely ATN's they are more absorbent and pretty comfy.
ATN's are pretty good.
for that VS situation i say ATN's. i bought a case of ATN's a while back and they are a very god diaper. the tabs are a little shoddy sometimes but ive found a perfect fix using 2 lines of packaging tape where the tabs go down. i might make a tutorial on it as i havent seen one on here but definitely the atn's good diaper for the money.
For me ATN’s generally leak during the night.
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