Goodnites Deal at Walgreens

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Currently Goodnites/Huggies/Pull-ups are on sale at Walgreens for 2/$18. If you buy 4 packs or $30 in Huggies products, you'll get $10 in Walgreens rewards and can be used for purchasing more for free. You can get 5 packs for $7.20ea Wipes are also on sale 2/$12 (168-212ct). You can also use coupons if you have them for a better discount.
That is a good deal

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Thanks. Don't think I ever bought anything cool there.

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Not much a deal as far as I can see unless you print up a bunch of $1/$2 coupons so you can use one for each pack. Everywhere else has the small packs (11 L/XL) for $9 normally anyway. Walgreens is marked up.

Many Walmart stores recently put their boxes of Goodnites on clearance, $19 for a 34-pack of L/XL (normally $25).
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