Goodnites and "easy" tear sides

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Ok so I have noticed the newer style of goodnites (I know they have been like this for a while) with the easy tear sides seem to tear way to easy any more. I get the L/XL boys or girls goodnites and I can put them on just fine and wear them but eventually as I move through out the day or night the sides either will hold or start to tear on the bottom and work its way up the easy tear line :( I will usually staple the bottom of the easy tear so there's less stress on it to tear and that usually works but what can I do with the diapers I already tore? I don't want to throw them away and they are kinda irritating to use as a diaper stuffer I think. I love goodnites other then for this one reason I hate the easy tear sides. Also I have some tena nighttime pads and don't like the feeling of the pads what should I do with them?
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