goodnite tru fit disposable inserts make...

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I see that a lot of people hate hospital, thrift store and depends diapers. If you want to make these diapers more absorbent, add a goodnite tru fit disposable insert to it and wake up in the morning with a very swollen diaper. Seeing that a lot of diapers are going to cloth, you can occasionally find a plastic back Kendall brief in thrift stores. they don't absorb much but a goodnite tru fit insert does.
I just purchased large Depends plastic back diaper and added the insert and woke up very wet. not one leak. enjoy!!!
Yep, they have been the best inserts I've tried. Just bought a few packs on clearance to stock back up. Noticed Amazon has them at a discounted price too. I hope they're not being discontinued because there is nothing else that compares.
Too bad they're on clearance in just about every store in my area.
Yes exactly you can turn a crappy diaper into a premium one with a proper stuffer, in between premium adult diaper order it's what I do.
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