Goodnights at Target!

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  1. Diaper Lover
So I went to Target to pick up a case of goodnights until my order that I placed online came in. When I went over to pick up the case, I saw that they had the 25 pack in the L/XL on clearance for $6.64! Instead of buying the case of 34 for $25, I got 50 pull-ups for $13.28! I told my boyfriend and he wasn't very excited for me, so I thought someone on here would be :laugh:
Good deal! Target does have some great clearance sales on diapers from time to time. I've gotten a few cases of Pampers that way.
Oh, I would be excited, too! I'm down to my last four. :(
I am so disappointed that I missed these! I had even seen them going on clearance a few weeks ago and should have checked back regularly. The image of getting several packages at $0.25/pants haunts me. They're all out in all the stores now. What a deal you got, OP!
Wow that's awesome. I'm going to have to keep an eye out for sales like that. I just bought a package of 11 for $10.
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