Good sources needed for ABDL explanation.

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Hey peeps,

I have been trying to explain the ABDL lifestyle to my friend who I recently told about my other side.

The problem is she is not the sharpest knife in the set and is have having an issue comprehending it. I have said she can ask me any question she wants and I'll answer it but that is not good enough for her as she doesn't know what to ask and I am obviously not great at explaining it to her.

Does anyone have any good sources that I can point her to so she can get an understanding? She gets bored VERY easily and the wiki article for example is WAY TLDR for her and she gives up after about a min or two of reading it, I think a nice concise informative video would probably be the best thing.

Any suggestions?

Thebabymichy YouTube Chanel my be a good place for her.

He did a really good video on being little, but I can not find it to put a link for you.

Hope this helps


Suggestion: Abort.
Thanks Sisi ill suggest it.

Why would I need to abort?
You haven't said otherwise, so I'm assuming that you and her are not romantically involved. If that is the case, what do you hope to gain by dropping this knowledge on her? Application focus is everything!

It sounds like, if she can't pay attention to / thinks the wiki entry is TMI, then perhaps even you explaining this to her might be a bit beyond her ability to understand while remaining friends.

I'm not sure how much more simple it can get, aside from, "I like to be treated like a baby." That should set enough of the tone and scope that she'll either ask questions, or say, "Ok, that's cool." and attempt to move on.

Like I said, you'll want to establish WHY she needs to know this before you can really begin to open things up for Q&A and a discussion.
Understanding Infantalism is very good. Infantalism on Wikipedia is also very good, but I'm not sure she would understand it.
I think what you might want to do is take some of the material from understandinginfantilism, from the articles here on ADISC, and other sources and try to pull out the big points. If this friend is a TLDR type of person, there isn't really an article that she's going to be able to just grok the thing in one sentence. Instead, you need to buff up your ability to explain it in terms she can understand, so you're the one that needs to do the studying first.
Yea i'm not romantically involved with my friends she is just a close friend.

I have told her because I trust her and she has not held anything back about herself to me.

I am going to try the suggestions on here but in reality it is just a bit hard to explain anything to her. She is a strange quirky person which is probably why we are friends.

English is not her first language so she will literally ask me about something she doesn't understand every 10 minutes and once I have explained it she is satisfied until a week later where she would have completely forgotten and ask again, its something me and her boyfriend have to contend with I guess.
I suppose you could say in that respect she is very childlike.
ArchieRoni said:

Thanks ArchieRoni.

I going to use that as my big word for today.

Thank you everyone for your replies, I shall take the advice and proceed from there.
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