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Good morning

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Hello folks. I have to post to unlurk otherwise I probably wouldn't.

I am ferret, from the UK, I consider myself AB & DL, and I work in IT.

I don't really post on forums and similar, but this site is useful for helping me work out what to buy to wear and where to buy, so I hope it's OK if I'm more a consumer of information than a producer. ;)

- ferret!


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Hey Ferret, I knew a ferret once in Huddersfield lol anywho IT is a good line of work IT geek myself and as you can tell I am from the UK, if you want some Nappies you can get them from the Co-Op pharmacy we found some tenner ones there good size OK price and don't have to worry who sees what at your door as you can go out of town to buy then and re pack then if you had to lol

Nice to meet you.
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