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Hello, I'm paddedmusician/Phil.

I have just returned from spending 8 months living and working in France. I'm back to the states and looking for a job, literally any job!

I'm here because I'm an ABDL who leans primarily toward DL, but I enjoy indulging in AB activities from time to time. I have been to ABDL websites for a while, but before now, I've been nervous about actually joining them or participating. But recently, I've really been feeling a bit lonely, so I'd like to interact with other people with similar interests to mine.

Apart from that, I like to travel, write, blog (about traveling), play my guitar, and explore new culinary experiences. I have my bachelors degree in French, which I can speak and write, but despite that, I do not really want to become a French teacher. I sorta want to keep traveling and exploring the world.

On this site, I would really like to meet some friends who share my interest.

That's about it for me, but please feel free to ask anything you'd like to! I'm open to chat with anybody.
Hello Phil and welcome to the group.

This is a very nice introduction.

We have a "Foodie" group that you might be interested in.

Again welcome to the group.

Thank you Egor. Where would I be able to find said foodie group?
paddedmusician said:
Thank you Egor. Where would I be able to find said foodie group?

Go up to the community Pull down and click on groups.
Hello and welcome to the site. I'm a professional musician with my major in organ performance and a minor in voice. I'm a church choir director but I also played in a very good rock/cover band. I did it for 15 years until my wife's health took a turn for the worst. I'm also a writer and have a number of stories on this site. I enjoy writing in the scary/horror genre.

What sort of music do you play on your guitar?
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