Going through anxiety, or the "Scaries."

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Hi everyone

Been going through anxiety to day becouse I am going to have to do some adulting over the next full days, and I don't won't to.

I te and to keep in my little space where it is safe but now I don't have my Paddy to help me I going to have to do some things for my self, like a big doy.

I came across this on Tumler that a person call sciencescribbler wrote about us Little and anxiety. Called how-to-comfort-a-little- I have added to it a bit.

Anxiety is not as uncommon as people seem to think…everyone has a little bit of it. Not everyone has a lot, however, and when you’ve got a lot, or are someone who is particularly sensitive to it, anxiety can feel pretty overwhelming.

That is why, particularly for littles, anxiety can creep up nice and slow…and then


The following steps might help a caregiver, friend, and/or significant other of a Little help deal with the anxiety

(Which, I personally believe, should be called the*“Scaries”, to help make it seem less threatening!)

Physical touch: COMFORT CAN COME IN MANY FORMS, but for a lot of people, physical touch is incredible. A hug, a cuddle, holding hands, running your hands through their hair…these things can do wonders for someone who feels overwhelmed.
I agree hugging really helps and hair strocking.

*Listen to your little and do NOT play it off as something tiny! Its not to us.
To us it is the elephant in the room.
It’s one thing to say,*“You’re scared about something you know will be ok, and I understand your anxiety” and an entirely different and worse thing to say,*“You need to stop being worried, it’s fine!” That just feels like they’re being brushed off, or ignored.* as you should never ignore a Little.

Find a comfort item, like a stuffed animal, a paci, a favorite blankie, or even a favorite movie a book. Some people do best with music, so play them their favorite song…any of these things can come together to help someone feel less worried, less overwhelmed, and more secure.*
Most of us will be able to give our caregiver a list of things we won't that will help us carm down.

Tears or heavy breathing. Help us through it biy sitting us down and helping us breath if we do get in to this state you need to stay with us, you may need to sit on the flore with us and just help us breath onece our breathing has slowed down and the tears have slow down as well then a hug will hardly be needed,
Please don’t make us feel guilty or ashamed about what we are doing, because more often than not what you’d do by trying to get us to stop crying might make the feelings worse.

Instead, say,*“I know, I know,” in your gentler voice. That helps more often than not!

Naps are a little’s best friend and worst enemy. The ultimate frenemy…sometimes a nap helps. How ever just being sent off to bed to have a nap when you are not feeling good is really bad. A good caregiver will know that there are monsters under the bed. Although sleep is important cross Little's as the lack of sleep well make any anxiety worse.

Putting us brown for a nap is a skill that a good caregiver will develop over time. But Usually putting us down for a nap means you have to stay with us, fully hair stroking and reading a story, well I'm cuddling my Rex and Peter, and sucking my pasifer, will put me to sleep.

But do your best not to assume that anyone who is overwhelmed, or anytime they feel bad, you just need to have us sleep. Just like telling them to calm down, sometimes it works, and sometimes it makes us feel like y’re are ignoring us or pushed us away to deal on owr own.

*When we are feel better, any time you feel it’s useful, you can talk about it. maybe we will know the trigger in our life that makes the anxiety worse.
Maybe coping techniques will help.

Take note of patterns. Maybe your Little gets anxious at night? Around certain people? In response to job stress?
If you notices these things. Focus on them and make a plan, together, to improve. It might seem impossible, but few problems cannot be at least slightly helped with patience, time, and planning.

If none of that is working, however, that doesn’t mean you screwed up: Sometimes the scaries are extra bad, or their response is unusual. That doesn’t mean you failed, or they aren’t trying hard enough, it just means that you need to keep going, and try to help us as much as you can. Sometimes, even, space is the thing they need, which can be hard when you want to help.

That’s OK! Just figure out the PERSON you’re with. Not the role, not just*‘A Little’, but the person. Everyone responds differently. Once you figure out how your Little respond to things, you might be shocked at how much it helps them! But remember…if you’re around someone who has a bad case of the scaries? Do your best to be a positive force, not a negative one. We will appreciate it, even if we don’t know how to say it.

Hope this help someone else as well.

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