Going out in public big time

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  1. Diaper Lover
I had to march in our local town parade this morning, I decided to wear a sdk under my uniform, it was awesome, lots of people there to watch and no one knew the wiser.
I don't know if it was you first public diaper experience, but I remember being terrified my first time. I was sure that everybody could see my diaper and hear it as I walked. It was both scary and a rush. I wouldn't have even thought of wetting it either. Now, I canto out without a worry and wet, even while talking to somebody. How far I've come.
I have marched in a local parade diapered as well. Fun stuff.
I've been doing things more and more, I just never went through a parade were every can see you, easily over 1000 people along the route
I've played on a stage in front of a bunch of people wearing a Bambino Classico under my pants.

It was one of the only two diapers I had with me and my O.A.B. and leaks were in full swing because of a tense day. Funny enough, it made me feel more confident.
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