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So recently I have decided to use actual diapers instead of incontinence pads given that the pads pretty much useless as compared to diapers. Even though I have little control of my bladder, I still have full control of my bowels. However, I have found the thought of messing one's diaper rather intriguing and was wondering should I just go 24/7 for "everything." Are there any tips on messing one's diaper because I am still pretty afraid of the idea of pooping myself wherever i am
Pick a time you know house is empty and when urge comes just let it go
parcelboy2 said:
Pick a time you know house is empty and when urge comes just let it go

That is a good thought.
I myself have been in diapers 24/7 for decades.
Yeah when they smell it they look around for a baby and if they don't see one they automaticly give the evil eye to the guy in a wheelchair! Even if you are completely innocent.
If you have the option, don't mess in public because that can be seen as rude, unless of course your have bowel incontinence which is a completely different story.
Ban yourself from pooping in the toilet. You'll have to go at some point.

It seems a lot of people are afraid of their first time pooping. It could be helpful to say that "I'm in a diaper" to remind yourself that it's okay to go. It's a pretty big experience the first time and you got to own it when you do it.
Personally, I don't really like pooping my nappy. No, that's not strictly true; it's not the pooping as such that I don't like, it's the subsequent clean up. Whereas I can quite happily stay wet for hours on end, I have to clean up immediately if I poop. Which is why it is something I only do very, very rarely, and then only if it's unavoidable.

I am fortunate in that I almost always need to poop soon after I get up. So having removed my usually soaked night time nappy, I poop conventionally in the toilet, after which I will shower and put on a fresh nappy if I'm going to have a "24/7" period. Even if (or when) I ever decide to go 24/7 forever, I think it's highly doubtful that I will use it for poop, at least in normal circumstances.

But of course, as with everything, everyone's different. You may find you enjoy it, you may not. The thing to do is try it and then see how you feel about it.

Whatever you decide Babybrooke, please let us know the outcome - we're always interested.
I'm fortunate in that I usually poop an hour after getting up. I don't know what your situation is but I'm retired and not working. I avoid pooping in public although I have done it. I was at Costco and felt a strong urge to poop. Made through check out and into the parking lot and couldn't hold it. No people around. I agree with others that pooping around people can be rude.

I do enjoy pooping my diaper. I don't mind the smell. In fact I like the whole diaper, baby powder, pee and poop smell. Clean up can be a pain but I don't find if that bad. Disposing of a poopy disposable is the real problem for me. Really stinky to have sitting around.
Hi Dave

The simple way to deal with stinky diapers is to pickup some large ziplock bags from the dollar store, they work like a charm the ones I buy have dual zip locks on top. Just put the soiled diaper inside and seal the bag just squeeze the air out abit.

For the few times I have messed this has worked out great.
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