getting used to paci??

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Hi everyone,

Pacifiers are probably the object that made me know my little side more and during the years I've been using them a lot (always when napping, for sure) but I never used them as an habit.

I really want to try starting to sleep with my paci (Nuk 5) at night, every night, to try to get used to it up to the point I cannot sleep without one. Has any of you been in this similar situation? Any ideas? Tips?

Hee, hee

Well that sucks. Hee, hee.


I found them so comforting then I realise how much I'm sucking. Wondered if they're addictive. Like a laced with something nice. But it is just a habit. I like to suck while my tablet is reading me my bed time story. I usuly fall asleep.

If you try to hard I don't think you will do it but if your mind is not thinking on sucking then it will happen.

As it says in Nanny McPhee " when you need me but don't want me then I must stay. When you want me but no longer need me then I must go." I think us Littles understand that.

Some time I wack up and its still in my mouth with is really nice.

Hope you have many happy hours of sucking.


I'm "paci user" most part of my life and I'm very addicted. I sleep with it every night, when I'm alone (350/365, I guess...)
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