Getting up is hard


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I wake up and played my game for an hour and couldn’t cope with playing any longer and I put a documentary on it was good it was about this guy who sold pez from Europe he was from America and made a small fortune selling imported pez dispensers (it was good) I think it was called the pez bandit or something similar. By the time the show ended my blood sugar dropped and no matter what I tried to devour in my little mouth of mine it only took the edge off of the issue. Then I help a friend with some documents and It took so long that I’ve started wilting and not sure I’m up to doing the grocery shopping. I asked what stuff people want me to pick at up the store and I can’t get a straight answer anytime soon. Mean time I feel terrible 😞 if I make a through the day in one piece I shall get 💩 faced and have some wine 🍷

My original plan for today was to go out for breakfast but I clicked the website to check the opening times and bam I was redirected to malware 🫤 then I saw that the owner of my rabbits 🐇 (I rehomed them) keeps letting them escape and run wild where they could get run over, eaten or attacked by cats (there are many cats here) so I’m stressed about that.

I am working on my ideas about the shelter/ sleeping area in my garden and also about making custom shoe designs because mostly they are dull and boring designs. Anyway I better go 🫤 the shopping not going to shop itself