• Note: ADISC does NOT allow personal ads. This includes "looking for ____" or "anyone in ____" type introduction posts. To write a good introduction, focus on explaining who you are, NOT what you are looking for. The goal should be to help other people get to know you a bit.

Getting started on ADISC.org

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Hello new member,

and thank you for your interest in ADISC.org. In order to enjoy your membership on our website and to get the most out of your time here, please read the following suggestions, guidelines and rules.

Joining ADISC.org

Who should join?
ADISC.org is open to people of all ages and of all interests.
Obviously, this site is about people who wear diapers for fun or need and people who are interested in infantilism, so we encourage all of the following sign up with and contribute to ADISC.org:
- Teenbabies (TBs)
- Adult Babies (ABs)
- Diaper Lovers (DLs)
- (Baby)Furs
- People with bladder / bowel problems
- Friends of ABs/TBs/DLs/Babyfurs/Incontinent people
- Everyone else who is open minded enough to accept ABs/TBs/DLs/furs/incontinent people

We do not want:
- pedophiles
- people only interested in arranging dates or meetings for sexual purposes
- liars
- people who cause drama

Registering an account
To enjoy the full benefits of the website, you must register an account. The process is pretty easy, just follow these steps:
(1) Think of a good screen name you want to use. Avoid cliche names like "diaperlover" or "Wetbaby". Be creative!
(2) Click on the "Register" button (located at the top right)
(3) Enter a valid email address and your preferred screen name.
(4) Fill out your profile information. The more you enter, the easier it is for all other members to get to know you, and for you to make new friends. If you want to keep some things private though, that's OK.
(5) Enter your date of birth! Note: For the protection of the younger members on ADISC.org, you must give your correct age! No excuse! No exception! If we catch you lying about your age, you're banned immediately without a chance to appeal! You can set your profile to not display your date of birth or age to anyone (choose the appropriate option in the drop down menu), but the correct date of birth must be on file!
(6) Finish the registration process. You will then receive an email from ADISC.org with a link. Follow that link within 24 hours to activate your account. Note: The registration email may end up in your email provider's spam folder. Please check there before asking any of the ADISC.org staff for help!

First steps

Filling out your profile
Once your account has been confirmed via the registration email, you have access to the website. You can now go back to edit and customize your profile. Click on "Settings" in the top right corner, then "Edit Profile" and go through all the menus and fields and see if you can add some details about yourself. You can also upload an avatar. Please do not use pictures that are huge, offensive, or prominently feature your crotch as your avatar.
You can also customize the access to your profile. In the "Profile Privacy" section, you can choose who can see which bits of your profile. The highest protection is the "friends only"-option. In that case, only people who you select via your friend list can see your details. However, then no one else can get to know you.

Posting an introduction
Ideally, your first post should be in the Greetings-forum. Click the "New Thread"-button and type a message saying 'hello' and do tell us about yourself, your interests in TB/AB/DL/Fur stuff, your interests outside of the infantilism world and anything else you want us to know. The more you tell us, the better we'll get to know you...and the faster you'll be able to make new friends ;)

Contributing to the community
A community lives and dies with its members. So it's vital you contribute to the community. Just reply to posts on the forum, start new threads, write articles in our wiki, or create your own blog.
Our members have the ability to rate your posts via the reputation system. You receive positive reputation for funny, helpful, mature or insightful messages, and negative reputation for messages that cause drama, stress or hurt other members. There are prizes for people with higher reputation - you can choose your own user title, your screen name is printed in bold and you get access to special forums just for members with high reputation (who we call "VIP").

And now...enjoy your stay, and make many new friends!

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