Getting diapers for the first time in yearz

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So I got some of Boots own diapers that cost £9.45 something.

First I went to town on a kind of full bladder. I purchased Pampers extra sensitive wipes and me bough baby oil from the pound shop. I needed to ask someone where it was which was a little embarrassing. :sweatdrop:

Then bought a black trash bag as well to keep the used diapers in.
Then I went to Boots, after all, that and finally got my prize.


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So I went to the core in Leeds City Centre and put one on. admittedly the wrong way:biggrin: but I was desperate and needed to pee. It was in a disabled toilet cubical in the general toilet so I am sure a few of you are going to hassle me about that! I took a long time to get changed but this is my real first time since this is my first time actually going up to a counter and paying for diapers.

Though out most of the day I was talking to a friend on facebook as I used my diapers and even asked him what should I do? He wanted a few videos so I gave him a few videos of me using my diaper like he asked for.
At some point in the day, I doubled up my diaper so I had two underneath.

At that point whenever I needed a change I always doubled.
The embarrassing part was the last change in trinity toilets near the food caught. I heard a kid pointing out a smell and saying to whom I only presume was his bigger brother. "They can't do that" I heard him say and I was worried that since he entered the toilet he was going to peek up at the cubical or underneath and see my diaper. I got on my trousers and got ready to pull if the location was too arise.
I changed myself quickly and both me and the facebook friend that is also an ABDL furry what else should I do while in diapers.

The day ended with me going to a furries house that I know and showing them I was in diapers. They did not mind. In fact, I was lucky enough for them to save my diapers. I really got to get my own place.

So how does the old diaper hold up? So Boots M\L Stay dry slip has a big shocker or absorber and it is very thick and can make you waddle a little bit. It can hold 1 flood or one wetting. 2 of them are likely to make the diaper turn yellow or make the wetness indicator go a smushed blue. They are OK with your first experience and hay they may be better then Boots stay dry pants.

Which I will have the pleasure of wearing at some point :eek:
The M\L part comes from how wide you open the tabs at ether the front or back, you know what I forget. That is what makes it an M or an L.
The diaper dose does not crinkle loudly so it is more discreet.
When I wet it in public I was not wearing any underpants under my trousers I felt the wee going down the leak guard. This happened two times. One in public but not as great as it could have been. The other was in the bathroom at my furry friend's house when I was laying down the pee was coming right out.

So I got some Baby oil and a trash bag and diapers and wet wipes. What should I have got or what should I get next time?

Are they any incontinence products that I should look out for. Is it better having the trash bags or should I get a baby nappy bag? Do they do adult nappy bags?

Over too you too tell us your public bathroom stories and which diaper should I look out for?:dunno:

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