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I know this has been talked about a lot, but I love hearing stories about getting caught or very close calls. Tonight had a close call I was diapered in 26 thickness or plys of cloth diapers, I love very thick diapers, I was ready for bed when I remembered that I needed dog food (2 St Bernards), so decided to go to Walmart in my night time thick cloth diapers and plastic pants. I pulled on some dress shorts 38'' waist size, normally wear 33'' and they covered pretty well, put on a long sleeve shirt and a sweater, it is 54 degrees out tonight, looked in the mirror looked ok from front but my butt was large and rather obvious diaper lines, said to self who cares and left, of course everything was fine until check out and a friend walks in and started to talk about his mothers heart attack, well you can't ignore a friend, finally done paying and wanted to leave, he kept looking down at my bottom, which i tried to keep against the cart, Really freaking out , but he never said anything. So just got back and thought I would share a close call for me, could have been worse, but not sure if I am ready for that.

Anyway thanks for reading , please share some of your close calls, especially all you new members!!!!
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26 layers? I'm not really into cloth so struggling to work out just how thick that would be, but even a fairly thin material layered up 26 times must be pretty significant!

There was only one time where a friend was messing around and swatted my butt while padded. They looked confused and I think wanted to comment they felt something odd but never did say anything. Not really sure if they concluded it was a diaper, or just that something didn't feel (or sound) right.

Other than that I've been mostly undetected even wearing some of my thicker combinations.