Getting Back into Diapers

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So for 2 years I have been "diaper free" due to the crazy changes in my adult life. I wanted to start wearing diapers again since I have more free time. Do you guys have any suggestions/advice on how I can start wearing diapers again after 2 years of "not being diapered"?
Well I would have to start with buying some diapers :)

Whenever I am in the mood to get more into diapers I will look online through all of the different options and figure out which ones I want to order. I have noticed sometimes I want more babyish ones and sometimes more adultish ones. Just start looking to see what you like. And I would recommend buying smaller packs first to make sure you like certain diapers before buying large amounts.

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And my personal favorite sites for buying diapers are:
Here's my #1 recommendation: don't binge. If it's been that long for you, it may take some getting used to the feeling of diapers again. From experience, binging hard almost always leads to purging hard. Take it slow, take it easy and work yourself up to the level of wearing you want to achieve. But most importantly, have fun and wear diapers!
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