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Reading all this is making me feel unhappy. All my plushies were taken away because "I was getting to old for them". Some of them are still in my parents bedroom. Just got to come up with excuse to get them back.

*goes of to hatch plan*
I'm wondering why your parents keep them in their bedroom. Maybe they should have told you the whole truth: "You're too old to have them, but not old enough to have them back" :biggrin:



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Starting Out
1: What's your name? Lion
2: How old are you? 11
3: Describe yourself! Do you wear clothes, what colour's your fur.. I have brown fur and a very worn mane. I am somtimes found in my thomas the tank engine t-shirt and diaper
4: What do you think makes you unique? I am with Jamie at all times, I never leave his side which is pretty unique.

Your Owner
5: Does your owner give you the apropriate amount of hugs daily? Yes
6: Do you sleep with your owner? yes
7: Has your owner ever put a diaper on you, or any other baby thing? yes, i somtimes end up in a diaper if jamie think i might wet the bed.
8: Does your owner ever hide you away from people during the day, or are you allowed to stay out in the open? I am out in jamie's arms most of the time, i travel in my own bag and everyone says hi to me in college.
9: Have you ever been accidentally injured by your owner? yeah, jamie sometime sits on my tail *growls*

10: What is the one thing you enjoy doing the most when your owner is away?
I often go hunting for bed bugs, though i am never really away from jamie.

11: Have you ever hidden things from your owner while they're out? yep :)
12: Besides hugs, what is the one other thing you couldn't live without? Bed bugs, and antolope

13: Have you ever gone exploring while your owner is alseep, only to not being able to hop back up onto the bed? Exploring yes, but i got back into bed after and jamie had missed me.
14: What's your Favorite colour?Green
15: What's your Favorite TV show? Scrubs and the Simpsons
16: What's your Favorite movie? Lion King
17: What scares you the most? Hamsters eating me in my sleep!

18: Does your owner have any weird habits when he / she spends time with you? Eg: Your owner might suck your nose, hold you a weird way, nurse you, etc.. he will often lick me and have "Lion time"

19: Do you have any brothers or sisters? Do you play with them? Does your owner play favorites with you? I am Jamies favorite buy a really long ways. There are 17 lions living in our bedroom.

20: How much do you love your owner? So much.....

Free Writing Space
Let your plushies write anything they want.

I am a lucky plushie, i have my own website which is on the first 3 page on a google search for Lion :)

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