Genie of the Pamps


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So, one day you were checking how wet your disposable nappy/diaper had become after your second flood.
You started rubbing the inside cuff and front when all of a sudden there was a puff of smoke and a strange man appeared.

“I am the Genie of the Pamps and I can now give you just three wishes, no more, even if you wish for more.
What will your three wishes be?”

NB: Just a bit of fun so I hope it doesn’t get too heavy (politics etc)
I’d wish for the power of healing first so I could heal my own health issues as well as others. Next I’d wish for 500 million dollars. The third wish I’d save till I was super sure of what I wanted 😅 I’d want it to help the earth but not sure how I’d wanna word it if that makes sense.
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If you're the genie of the pamps, I wish to be a baby again with all my memories, and have a happy supportive childhood.
I also wish for all baby diapers to be all plastic backed, thicker, and larger like they used to be in the 80s again, not subject to be downgraded in any way.
And finally I wish for the love of my life to reveal herself. Where is she? All I want is to be held.
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