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Hi Guys,

I am Jack, and I would like to introduce myself and give you my "story"...

I am 30 and have been into the diaper/ABDL scene since I can remember. For me it is more of a sexual fetish than anything else. Over the years I have progressed from having the desire of being a "little" to being more of a "daddy".

The first person I ever told about this was my second Girlfriend when I was 24 (she was 26), she was very kinky and open minded and I was fairly confident that she would be cool with my "thing"... At first she okay with it... However over time she ended up saying that it was "weird" which naturally made me feel very average. In the end we broke up and there was always the fear of her telling friends and family which is always a risk but I felt reasonably safe because I knew her deepest and darkest secrets also.

After her, I had another Girlfriend when I was 28, however she was Vanilla with a capital V! I mean I couldn't even get her to come to Sexyland with me... For you "non-Aussies", Sexyland is an Adult Shop. That lasted 12 months and I was pretty bored by that stage so I decided that it was time to move on.

Now, stay with me, the story is about to get better! Earlier this year I met the cutest girl ever, she was just 21 and I had never dated anyone with such an age gap before but as you get older this is actually fairly common. Anyways the relationship has been like no other, she is just "chill" and she is so open minded and also fairly kinky as it turns out! We have the greatest sex that I have ever had and she loves cheeky visits to Sexyland! Anyways... Last weekend we were in bed and she said that she wanted to tell me something... I said "go on"... She basically confessed that she had a "fetish" and she was SO shy and embarrassed about it that her face was bright red... I immediately felt like this was also the time to confess mine to her... She immediately felt better and we both developed a closer and deeper connection to one another. That night we went online and basically maxed my credit cards daily limit! So now finally, at the age of 30 I have found someone to explore this lifestyle with and I decided to join this forum to hear from others with similar stories!
Jack ;)


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G'Day! That is an excellent story of acceptance. Having been a member of this site for a few years I can tell you stories like that are few and far between.

What other things do you enjoy beside going to Sexyland? Hobbies and interests?

If you need any relationship advice, there are some good threads here to read and some members here give very good advice.

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