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What does everyone think of garywear diaper covers? I got mine today from northcoast so far I like it. Though wishing I would of got the next size down. Think it would of fit better on me.
THey're fantastic. I have 3.
And I agree that they do tend to be a little on the Baggy side. But my thigh size dictates that I stay in the size I'm in (XXL). I use them regularly for night wear as well as to muffle the sound of crinkles if I'm wearing while out and about. Super super high quality product.
I love Gary and have spent months creating and buying a custom pattern so I get exactly what I need just by ordering my pattern number and quantity needed.
I bought a pair of Gary plastic pants at Christmas. Two months later there was a rip in the side rendering the pants useless. They had a cute baby animal design on them too... :|
I very much enjoy them. I have 2 pairs of the garywear active wear diaper cover and I ordered a third which is on its way. I would agree that the back/butt area feels a bit too big. Actually, it does not feel too big it is just that I would have preferred it more tightly fit.

I would suggest you make sure to look at the sizes before ordering down. My first ones are just a tad to small in the thighs but the rest of it fits comfortably. Then I ordered the next size up and my thighs fit great and it still feels very nice all around.

My only issue is that I have to wear my pants very high to cover the entire diaper cover, but I can do that so it is not too big of a deal.

I will definitely buy more of them.
I bought some a while ago and like them. They work as intended and are the only waterproof covers I consider worth purchasing. They are sturdy, waterproof, and leak resistant.
I have a pair of Garywear active, and it works very well and is very comfortable. I would recommmend them.
I haven't had very good luck with Gary plastic pants
they don't lat very long
wetatnight said:
I haven't had very good luck with Gary plastic pants
they don't lat very long

Plastic pants take constant care if they are to last. Every time I wear mine, I wash them while I'm taking my shower, using dish washing detergent. Then I thoroughly rinse them and hang them on a plastic hanger to dry. Any kind of oil such as the oil in your skin will deteriorate the plastic. Baby oil of baby cream will accelerate the deterioration as well.
And I wouldn't put them in a dryer either.
Until now I found out that the Gary Plastic pants are the best for me. I am using those for 5 years now, never had a problem. Indeed, good care is important, as DogBoy mentioned. What I like is the milky-white / clear plastic so that you are able to see if you are "in trouble" :smile1: Mostly they are used as a final cover for night times.
But for going out to town I use Suprima Plastic Pants. The 1250-series, extremely comfortable for the legs.
Just about all of my gary plastic pants are a size or three bigger than I need and they are the euroflex versions. None of those have split or failed in any way even after over 5 years of use.
I have some Gary plastic pants that are over eight years old without failure. Now tideless comment reminded me of something. Diabetics should avoid euroflex because our urine reacts badly with the euroflex material and Self destructs it rapidly.
Well I received my medium Garyware Active diaper cover today. They are the ones that are a cloth cover but water proof. They have a lining in them that is like a faux leather type rubber. They fit great and there isn't much extra material in the butt like the large has. The legs are snug but not tight along with the waist of them. Hopefully they stop leaks good cause my wife is planning an out of town trip and told me I will be diapered the whole time. She will allow me to change but last time we made a trip like this I leaked before we had a chance.
I use PUL pants that are made by Gary. They are fantastic. I'd buy a size or so bigger than the chart...I started with the XL, but found out that 2XL works best. I've been using one pair about every other night for over a year with no issues. Occasionally the elastic will wick a little, but that does not happen often. The only problem I've had I caused myself. I slept on the mattress without a sheet, and the little decorative thingys on the mattress put several very small holes on the outer layer, which wore away the laminate layer underneath. So I get leaks on the very front now...they are pretty much useless.

Today I found out just how good the PULs are. I had just gotten up and had not changed yet, and wet an already front-soaked diaper while standing up. Something felt funny, so I reached down to feel the crotch, and the liquid had pooled into the bottom of the PULs. Sitting down gently allowed the diaper to soak it up, but I was very impressed by this. The outside stayed bone dry, when liquid was pooled on the inside.

Hands down, PUL is better than vinyl any day. The Gary PULs are much more expensive, but they last much, much longer than any vinyl pants I have used.
Well we made it to the hotel. My abena M4 was soaked along with the tranquility diaper doubler. The medium active briefs worked very well. They made my diaper almost silent. Think he only reason I heard it was because I knew I had it on. Settling down for the night now I have 2 doublers and an abena under it and its still comfortable even though I can't put my legs together.
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