Garywear vs. Suprima vinyl pants for daytime

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I'm in the market for a few new pair of daytime pants to cover a disposable. My original choice was Suprimas from B4NS, but the cost of shipping (which starts at about $10) put me off. Do they ever run sales or offer web discount codes?

I started thinking about the Garywear pants, which I've never tried. These are roughly the same cost as Suprima 1214 or 2150 pants and sold by multiple vendors. But I'm concerned about the fit: bagginess and their touted "higher back" (I want something that falls well below my belly button and fits snugly like the typical Surprima photos), and the fact that "breathable" doesn't likely do much for odor control.

Any advice? I actually found a German vendor that's cheaper than B4NS, but only marginally, so is likely not worth the trouble.
Gary's run tight on the leg elastics. Consider buying 1-2 sizes larger then their recommendation. I think some vendors can get custom made sizes from Gary's.Personally, I find the suprima's the best for fit. I get them from Save Express in Germany. If you are in the USA take into account the Canadian dollar is really discounted right now. And even Germany, the Euro is only 10% more than the dollar, but they do hit you with VAT.
I'm in Pennsylvania, not too far away. Save Express/Airoliver was the German vendor I'd found, and they don't charge VAT on overseas orders, but the savings on two or three pants is <$5, so doesn't seem terribly worth it. I'd love to find a way to buy from B4NS in Canadian dollars, but all the web prices are US$. Sigh. Maybe I'll hold out a bit longer for a Labor Day/fall sale?

Thanks for the Gary suggestions. I think part of the difficulty is that that Gary pants are single use, i.e disposables or cloth, day or night. They need a lower-backed design for more discrete situations, but perhaps this will come in time. I noticed Suprima is selling their own PUL pants now, too, the 1286. Something else to consider.
The best i have found so far are Suprima 1287. They look nice and have wide elastics that don't bite
Gary all the way, hiback are great.
I use both - Suprima for daytime and Gary at night, both in the heavier-gauge PVC. I find the fit of the Suprima 1218 a good compromise between trimness and being able to completely surround a full-cut disposable. The wide elastics are comfortable but tend to wick if wet. For night use where bulk isn't an issue, when I might be wearing a thicker nappy but any leakage will run towards the waistband, I prefer the Gary high-waist style with enclosed elastics. They seal better against the body, which also helps to keep poo smells in, however the exposed elastic of the Suprima would be easier to clean after a messy leak which I've managed to avoid so far. I agree about the leg openings being small in the Gary, would prefer them to have the same proportions relative to the waist as the Suprimas.
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