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I just started watching the new season of game of thrones (season 5) and in the first episode there was something that I would categorize as being fundamentally infantilistic.

[Possible spoiler alert] one of the soldiers in Meereen goes into a whore house but rather than wanting traditional services, he just wants to be coddled and sung a maternal sounding lullaby. Not exactly diapers or baby paraphernalia, but at its core this feels very much like the soldier is trying to indulge a desire to be babied.

It really affected me to watch the scene and I was pretty horrified at the outcome. I think this kind of thing does show that our desires and interests in the ABDL community are really rooted in human nature and that it is very natural to crave being nurtured.

Anyways, I just thought I would share this pretty belabored cultural reference to our community in a popular television program.
The soldier is an "Unsullied". They are eunochs and are trained to be fearless, ruthless warriors. Apparently this guy needs coddling ("The same as always". the woman asks). Here is a wiki on Unsullied. I don't think it gives away too much on seasons 1 - 4. Unsullied
patrick1776 said:
I think this kind of thing does show that our desires and interests in the ABDL community are really rooted in human nature and that it is very natural to crave being nurtured.

Yeah. this is pretty much the founding psychological point when it comes to any regressive play in any sense, same goes for pet play and general ageplay (ie daddy/daughter mother/daughter etc dynamics).

being cared for by someone else and (in some shape or form, different levels to each of the above interests) having your responsibilities in everyday life minimalized or taken on by someone else is deeply soothing and therapeutic, to get away from all the stresses and horrible things going on in our lives and just rest your head for a bit, both physically and mentally.

I agree the scene peaked my interest and kind of wish it didn't go the way it did but *shrug*
I wouldn't say it's at all infantilism related. I'm pretty sure most people like being cuddled if you will in various scenarios... "spooning"... just in general... post coitus... etc.

Given that they're eunuchs, they're just paying for the physical intimacy that they can appreciate I assume the same as many people that employ sex workers.

But, yeah, the end of the scene hit pretty hard and maybe more so than normal when you factor in an AB viewer.
I don't really think this has anything to do with nurturing. To me this seems like it shows that the unsullied are still "men" on the inside. Human males have a natural want for sexual arousal. It doesn't matter whether we have it down there, or we don't. Sexual arousal isn't just ejaculation though. Even when one is in a close situation with another of the opposite sex(or the same) hormones are released and go crazy throughout our body.
Ok I just re-watched that scene and realized that she is singing a lullaby to him. My hypothesis isn't really correct. I don't really know what he did this for. Maybe it is because of his traumatic childhood. He might see this woman as a motherly figure since he was probably separated from his own when he was very young.
I don't watch Game of Thrones but I have seen a few South Park episodes based on it, I like the song they sing to the tune of the actual opening theme song. "floppy weiner!"
Maxx said:
Anybody old enough to remember Flesh Gordon?

2069 A Sex Odyssey comes to mind as well.
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