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As part of the continuous improvements to the features available on, we have decided to move away from our current gallery software, and instead start using the built in gallery features available in our forum software.

This article will help to explain how to upload and share images using the albums system, and how to manage your images that we have automatically moved from the old gallery for you.

Creating an Album

Before uploading any images, you first need to create an album to store the images in.
When creating an album, you have two security settings. They are:

  • Public – All logged-in users can view this album.
  • Private – Only confirmed friends in your friends list can see this album.

To create an album, navigate to your profile. This can be found by clicking your name in the top right.


Click 'Add Album' on the albums widget, located on the left hand side of the page.


Enter a title and description, and select a security level for your album, then press 'Save Changes' when complete. Your album has now been created and you are now taken to its screen where you can upload and manage the pictures it contains.

Uploading Images to Your Album

This part assumes you are already on the home screen of the album you wish to upload images to. If you are not, select the album you wish to use from the album section on your profile page. (See the steps in 'Creating an album', if you are unsure where this is.)

Select 'Upload Pictures' from the navigation bar on the right. A new pop-up window will open. (If it does not, check it is not being blocked by pop-up blocking applications.)


Press the 'Add Files' button, located in the top right:


Then press the 'Select Files' button.


You will then see the following window which will allow you to select the files you wish to upload. This will vary depending on your computers operating system and browser. Select the images you wish to upload and press 'Open'. If you wish to select more than one image, hold down the Control (Ctrl) button on your keyboard while clicking the images you wish to upload.


Next, press 'Upload Files' to complete the image upload. A progress bar will be displayed showing you the status of the upload.


On completion of the upload, the small box will disappear and you will return to the attachments screen, which should now include your new image as a thumbnail.


Press the 'done' button to complete the upload process.


The window will now close and you will be returned to the gallery screen, which will ask you for a description for each of your images. Fill these in if desired, then press 'Save Changes' to complete the upload process.


Congratulations, you have now uploaded images to your album!

Moving Images Between Albums

This section demonstrates moving images between two already existing albums. To do this, navigate to the old album, and press 'Edit Pictures'.


Next to the image you want, select the new gallery from the dropdown labelled 'Move to Album'.


Press 'Save Changes' to complete the process. The image has now been moved.

Reassigning private gallery images

If you had any images in a private gallery before the move, they were automatically imported into the software for you, but were not assigned to an album. This means that only you can access them, until you move them to a public or private album.

To assign a previously private image to an album, first, navigate to the album you wish to place them in and select 'Upload Pictures'.


The attachment manager will open. If you have any private images, you will see them in a category on the left, labelled 'Private Gallery Imports'. Click this folder to show its contents in the right hand pane.


All of your private gallery images are displayed on the right. To add them to your gallery, drag the image down into the bottom box. It should appear like this if successful:


To complete, press done. When returned to the album screen, enter descriptions if desired, and then press 'Save Changes' to complete the process.

The images you selected are now available to the security level of the album to which you added them.
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