Fun in the playground

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I went to the playground for about an Hour today, it was so fun! :laugh:i played on the Swings and slide, but my Diaper stopped me going down too fast and it had been raining. I dressed in Workouts gear and Even had a kiddie hair Band in my hair. Some People walking their dogs didn't give me a second look. A man that was emptying the trash cans Said hello, hopefully he didn't see me on the slide.

I Even tried the zipwire which turned out to be fun!, the climbing frames and monkey Bars were too scary but i had a go on them. If was a warm Morning but unfortunatly when i went exploring, a Bird plopped on my head, (hey, Maybe i will get good luck now!)

I went Home and showered and apart from Friction burns and that Bird incident it was good. I went at 7 o'clock so i could go before Kids started arriving, it was Perfect! Think i might go again tommrrow Morning!
(Ps. I didn't sleep at all Last Night, so maybe now i done it, I will)

Good for you. A bet you feel full of energy to day. Hee, hee.
Well done.
i bet that definitely helped with being tired. its also good you went early its very peaceful in the morning to go to the park. im sorry a birdy did that though thats no fun.
Slept like a Baby Last Night!
I take my dog to the park and I play on the swings, anyone who cares about it can mind their own business. Good for you.
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