Fun hotels in NYC area for an ABDL stay?


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My CG and I are planning a trip to NYC for a few days, and I would love to find a themed hotel room that would help me feel little. Something with bright colors, toy themed, etc. I found a few AirBNBs with playrooms that have toys, but they are booking up fast and I'm looking for more options. Does anyone know of anything?
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I think in NYC what you want is that blend of trendy-artsy-little that unleashes the creative spirit in follow in the footsteps of the likes of Banksy, Basquiat, Haring... who I think were really secret littles...
Citizen M Bowery or Freehand would be my's more--

If you are not afraid to stay out in a somewhat shady neighborhood in Brooklyn...that's Uber cool but definitely not midtown...check out this place
You can even get bunkbeds in colorful paint...I want to host ageplay con at this's affordable and so cool.

I have to publish my littles guide to NYC...
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