Fun Friday night seeing Godsmack!

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I'm a hard rock and metal sort of person. I'm also fortunate enough to work as a highly specialized engineer at a Fortune 500 company that knows how to make obscene profits, so I get paid well. Tickets came available for Godsmack at the Warfield in San Francisco and they had 'Platinum VIP' available, so my wife, youngest daughter and I went for it even with as expensive as they were.

Damn!!! Well worth the money! Tour before the show including tour buses, dressing rooms, and backstage, and get to be side stage for the show! No crush of people like in the pit, distance to the band measured in inches instead of feet. Not in front of the main speaker stack either, so we could hear the music without getting our ears destroyed.

How close were we? I have pictures of Sully Erna backed up against the railing in front of my daughter playing 'Rocky Mountain Way', at the end of the show she handed him a Snickers that she had brought from her trick-or-treat candy and he gave her a big hug! Also have pictures of her with Robby (the bassist) and Shannon (the drummer) and she got one of Shannon's drumsticks!

Here's Sully just inches in front of us!
So cool - doing the same (I hope) tomorrow!
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