Fun Diaper Experience (Tykables Chicago)


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Wanted to share a fun little diaper experience I had recently. Just a quick bit of background: don’t often get to enjoy this aspect of my life any more with a few kids and a lot of other responsibilities, so I’m greatly limited in the occasions to indulge. This typically means business trips, and the rare PTO day where I’m home alone.

I recently had a multi-day trip to Illinois, and packed quite a bit of “product” including some Trest, Tena Ultimas, Crinklz, and Megamaxes. Got through Airport security, but was running super late. Typically change into an Ultima for the flight due to it being “stealth” with still quite a bit of absorption, at least enough for a <3 hour flight. Unfortunately though, I couldn’t find them in my bag (checked other) and realized all I had was a Megamax. After somewhat stretching my pants a bit over the bulk, was ready for the flight! It turned out to be a pretty lucky thing too, because we were delayed for over an hour on the tarmac due to of all things… broken toilets! Based on some of the squirming from other passengers, I bet a few wished they participated in this “hobby” hah.

For the cool part of the trip - I had a meeting fall through with one of our clients, and found myself with about 2.5 extra hours on hand. I was only about 20m from the Tykables store in Elk Grove Village. I was very very nervous about doing this - I have never once in my life really talked about diapers to another human being (other than awkward explanations to wife). I’m a fairly confident person, but for whatever reason, I was getting extreme anxiety even thinking about walking into the store. I pulled up near the building, and actually had to sit in my car about 20 minutes to calm myself down. Eventually, I pulled in and went inside.

The moment I was let into the store, it’s very hard to explain, but my anxiety completely melted away. Rob and Tod welcomed me in, and I immediately felt like I was so happy to be there. The store is absolutely amazing - it is super clean, and looks like a boutique belonging in a big city. The warehouse space connected is visible, and is extremely organized. Think “high end clothes store”. Having mail-ordered everything related to diapers all my life, it was so cool to see all the gear right there in front of you, and presented like regular clothes. Todd and Rob let me soak it all in, and eventually asked me about what they knew i was there for…diapers!

It was honestly an awesome experience to be able to speak to a live person about diapers after so many years doing this in private, solo. They worked with me to tell me all about their new products, helped me choose the right sizes, and had me walking away with a bag that was very challenging to pack in my checked luggage! I also asked some burning questions that I’ve always had the desire to, like “how visible is this under my jeans?”

It’s truly cool that we have things in this market space like Tykables. I would encourage anyone that’s able to visit the store to have an awesome experience like I did. Appreciate all that you do Tod/Rob/Tykables team! PS - the Animooz rock and will be added to my travel “kit”!
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