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From Finland. With Love.

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I am a 20-something guy from northern Finland. Lapland, to be a little more specific. I've lived my whole life above the Arctic Circle, which really doesn't feel as exotic as it may sound. Right now I spend my time studying in the local university. If all goes well, I'll be unemployed graduate in just a couple of years!

Unlike many of my fellow countrymen, I've got other hobbies besides drinking and fighting. Video games, movies, metal music, fantasy literature and all other nerdy things happen to play a huge part in my life... But who am I kidding? I also like to drink and fight and to watch ice hockey.

I've finally learned to accept the fact that I'm a DL. But then again it's just a small part of my life. I also happen to be asexual, not that it matters much.

Anyway, nice to finally introduce myself. Been stalking this site for some time now, so it was about time!
Hello Datagava and welcome to the group.

Very informative introduction.

Again welcome to the group.

Vai et oot sää lapist? Mää oon Turuust :D

WELCOME! There's surprisingly much finnish ABDL people in here!
Also; I've never been into drinking at all <__> I like the taste of cider and beer and whatnot but getting drunk feels gross, this is why I didn't have so many friends as a teenager here haha! ..haa. Hm. Still not into drinking at all.
Also, I am really nerdy too :) cool! More nerdy peeps! What is your favourite vidya games? What metal bands do you like?
Whoa! I really like the education model in Finland. I heard it's something like in a democratic schools.
How many days in a year are these polar days? :biggrin:
Oh, and Hi!
Good Evening and Welcome!

I am a few thousand miles southwest of you here in New Hampshire.

Hopefully your politicians in Finland are not as aggressive regarding soliciting votes.

My state has the 1st US Presidential Primary Election.

Anyway, from what I hear, Finland is more of a democracy than my country now.
Tervetuloa munkin puolesta :)
Suomi Voima!

May your daylight get longer there!

A fellow Finn here wishing you a warm welcome on this forum.
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