Found a few cool and unique items for sale....

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I regularly check out Amazon, Ebay, and other places for unique diapers and related stuff for sale. Thought I would share what I found:

Pampers coffee mugs-- The ad doesn't show it, but the other side of the mug has a picture of a classic Pampers box. I bought one of them and like it. There are three more left.

A US based seller of Japanese Goo.N Super Big diapers and Attento (Japanese Attends)

Another Japanese diaper available in the US: LiveDry Premium. A really well made diaper that is very wide between the legs, and has gigantic leakguards. Absorption is so-so. They are made to accommodate a booster pad, as most Japanese adult diapers are. I liked these so much, I ordered 2 cases.

To my knowledge, none of these are ABDL aware.

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