Found a diaper that I would be interested in

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Heya guys :D I found a diaper that I WOULD be interested in ordering... but I am not sure how good they are. Any of you guys know if these are something I should shoot for or if anything else on the website is better?
They look like the rearz diapers. And if they are the other website is
yeah those are revision 2 crinklz, same as revision 2 comficare. Great diaper, great print. A good pick if you're looking for a "better diaper". Goes for north of $2/pc by the case usually though.
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Among the ABDL diaper, I think it's one of the best for the european market and it's not "that" expensive (especially through saveexpress).

It's my favourite diaper at the moment. I'm only wearing this since the change from Comficare to BetterDry.
:O awesome :D just need to wait untill I can buy them and it should be fine
Ahh.. There are so many new AB/DL diapers I need to try.

Recently I've cracked into a package of Barme Slips that I had been saving forever. Very enjoyable, but I'm sure they're hard to obtain nowadays.
They are just incredible. A lot of absorbency and very very comfy.

DLspouse said:
All the Rearz Disposables are now available in the USA with Free Shipping. Check it out.

Safari bag of large (10) for $44. *sigh*

no cases of anything listed. that's a shame. I'll bookmark them and keep an eye on them to see if they get reasonable. Thanks for the link.
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