Formula suggestions?

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I want to have a bottle before bed, but I'm not sure about what formula to get. I read that the older toddler formulas might be better, but I thought I should ask all the same.
I don't know anything about actual formula, but I just use 2% or whole milk and mix about a tablespoon of sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla extract to the warm milk (usually around 250-300ml of milk). It tastes heavenly in my opinion, especially since I don't like drinking plain milk. ^^
Like diapers, you really have to try some. Everybody's taste buds are different and what tastes ok to some is bad to others.

I occasionally use Similac. I like it cold. Many people do like the formulas that are geared to older babies.

There can be problems with some of the minerals and vitamins in formula and the requirements of adults. If you do not have any physical problems and drink only occasionally, you will not have any problems.

Many people just use regular milk and mix it with honey or some other liquid. Some use juice.

It really is whatever you want - no right or wrong.
My body burns off everything I eat at a rapid rate, so I'm not worried about weight gain, but I might still go with all of your advice and just mix myself my own personal formula.
i get premix protein shakes from costco. my doctor the knows about my baby side ask me to change a few years back to a drink more suited for an adult body. im a vegetarian and watch what i eat. lots of fiber meals. its thick so i cant drink it fast.
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