Formula for Older Kids

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I had a layover in Hong Kong, and while exploring their airport I stumbled into a pharmacy store that sold formula for older kids. In the US they only have stages 1-3, but in Hong Kong they also have stage 4 for kids 3-6 and stage 5 for kids ages 6-12. Formula for 12 year olds! Love it!

I know it is just fortified powdered milk; but it is the same container, brand, and appearance as baby formula. Gets me all warm and fuzzy inside thinking about some parent out there buying formula for their school aged kid.

I'll post again when I have tried the stuff. I should also go out and buy some regular baby formula to compare the flavor.
Be careful with foreign formula. They don't hold up to the same standards than here in the US. Other words, no FDA to keep you safe. Ive read about china substituting basic proteins in baby formula with toxic chemicals to spoof lab tests.

Powdered milk should be "formula" for older kids, available in your local grocery store.
You could try something like Ensure which is sold in regular food markets.
Carnation instant breakfast

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i drink a protein drink i get for Costco. my doctor told me a few years back i need to get off formula it wasn't good for my "older body" ensure was one dont like it. but the costco one taste good. best part is its complete ready to drink all i need to do is pour it in my bottle room temp hot or cold its all yummy.
I drink "boost" which is diabetic friendly, tastes much better than Ensure and comes in the little juice box with the straw wrapped attached to the box,ready anywhere anytime, I drink the chocolate because they stopped making both coffee and butter pecan.

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My fav is enfigrow green cap its designed for toddlers 3+ it has vanilla in it
tewks7979 said:
My fav is enfigrow green cap its designed for toddlers 3+ it has vanilla in it

Can you link to where this is? I can't find one that says for toddlers 3+ here in North America.
pediasure is essentially formula, there's also powdered versions if your into crap.

Well stuff that probably tastes like crap. like powdered Gatorade.
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