Former bedwetter thoughts


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I used to bed wet most nights, and always went to bed expecting to wake up wet.

This was a problem for me till around the age of 16. I was in foster care from the age of 10 and in a vary high stress environment most of the time which is what I attribute to why it took so long to stop.

In the end it did stop once I found an awesome family to live with and my level of stress dropped significantly. But one thing that never stopped was the worry that I'd wake up wet especially when I'd sleep some place other then my bed.

I'm 25 now and it still bothers me when I stay at a friends place or a motel room. Obviously not worried at all when I'm diapered but that's besides the point.

Just curious how many other former bed wetters may be bothered by this as well.
How old where you when you stopped having accidents at night?


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I was in my early 20's before I was reliably dry at night. Bedwetting was just a normal nightly
occurence for me until my late teens and still several nights a week slowly reducing in frequency until I finally stopped just before my 22nd birthday. I rarely stayed away from home growing up for this reason. All our family knew I wet the bed.