Forcibly dressed as a little girl or baby girl as a genuine punishment


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The theme of petticoat punishment whereby a male is forcibly dressed in very girlish clothes and then made to appear in front of others is a common theme in the cross dressing literature. I imagine that the members of this forum dress like this voluntarily because they are sissies rather than being forced to do so by a wife, girlfriend, or other female or even by a man. However, has anyone here been deliberated humiliated against their will in this way? Although my Mummy and Babysitter ridicule me when I am dressed as a little girl in front of others it is ultimately my choice even though my tears are genuine and I can feel very ashamed.

I have read of a few genuine cases when a male was forcibly punished this way. One was a wife who discovered her husband was having an affair. She threatened to leave him unless he submitted to being dressed as a little girl and photographed playing with dolls and pushing a dolls pram and also in taking ballet lessons wearing a tutu. She then sent the photos to the other woman claiming that he was a cross dresser who enjoyed dressing as a little girl. Not surprisingly the recipient immediately ended the relationship and the humiliated husband was never unfaithful again. In fact, he became progressively subservient to his wife and very submissive. To add further degradation she started an affair herself telling her lover how pathetic her husband really was.

Has anyone heard of such genuine humiliation?