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I kinda said this on another forum, but please (various folks stumbling on this) don’t think you need to do all (or any) of this to be trans. YMMV and that is totally okay and cool.

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Have you already started the process of feminization (MtF) or masculinization (FtM) the stages consists of: validation by a psychiatrist, then hormonal treatment, permanent hair removal, feminisation /masculinisation voice, surgery. You have to know that some countries take full charge of the procedures, like France for example, but for France for example it is very disadvised the surgeons in the public who are so repay, it is unfortunately not renowned for the quality of their work.

It is important to note also that the sooner you start the better steps will be the result

for people who do not like or do not respect the community trans thank you not to intervene in the discussion, otherwise you will report to the moderator!

I started seeing a therapist in 2000. I saw her until 2010 when I transitioned.I have been fulltime since May 2010. I haven’t seen a therapist since I received my letter from my therapist to start hormones.I am very happy and content with who I am now. The only this I somewhat struggle with now is my desire to be in diapers. Coming out as trans was easy, I still haven’t come out as a diaper wearer. It’s really been holding me back from wearing 24/7 like I truly want to. At this point I kind of doubt I ever will be able to accept my diaper desires.