For specifically IC people, have a partner ever changed your diaper?

Every so often she does helps me out and changes me.
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greatlake5 said:
I'm IC, not abdl. My question is does your partner ever changed your diaper?

I have a girlfriend that knows I'm IC. We've been together for a short time. I've known her for almost 6 years before we became gf/bf.. We cycled and played tennis along with hikes. We haven't camped yet but we will this spring. She comes here and sleeps with me almost every weekend. For some reason she isn't bothered by me being IC.

In the beginning when we slept together I worried about my BM accidents while sleeping. Surprisingly she's okay with it. Probably because I use internal deodorant. She said she could smell something but not sure what it is. In the morning she sometimes teases me about "are you wearing a dirty diaper?" I just try to hit the bathroom first before she can say anything. But sometimes she touches my bottom and asks if you need a change. Funny and weird but also embarrassing. I don't think I'd ever let her change my morning diaper. Probably not letting her change a wet diaper either.

Do you let your partner change your diaper? I can't imagine her changing my diaper. Ever. When I was a kid the Galway woman (my mom) changed my diapers up until I was around 9. I had plenty of teachers and aides along with babysitters, and they did change me. My mom was very attentive and I liked that. At least until I became a bit more independent. But having a girlfriend change me just feels too weird.

I know that some IC/abdl people talk about how their partners changed them. But I'm asking specifically IC people. Do you let them? I can't imagine you let them do that. For me I think it's just too personal.
That really depends on what you are comfortable with. As you aren’t an adult baby it would make sense that this type of interaction wouldn’t be comfortable as it’s crossing a line with your independence (in the same way it would a continent person having their partner wipe their butt or pull down their pants in a bathroom) if you don’t have any other hindrances in your way (due to parallel disabilities) and there is not another factor to make the interaction appealing (adult baby/diaper lover) then of course it makes sense the idea of someone else changing you would seem weird, as it’s an opening to an extreme form of vulnerability. Unless it’s something you’d feel comfortable with or you would believe might draw you closer to your partner I see zero reason why anyone would ever voluntarily let it happen.
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