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My wife has really come around lately and has said she'd be interested in wearing for me once in a while. I was wondering what a good diaper/pull up would be for her to use, that also is also comfortable for her and possibly a lower rise? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
What type of diaper are you looking for? AB/DL? Medical? Cloth?
More medical. Maybe like a child pull up. Doesn't need to be abdl.
I'd recommend Bambino Biancos. They're all white and for a tape on diaper they are low rise compared to other brands.
If you wanted a decent medical pullup I'd go with Abena or TENA, or perhaps even Molicare. I can't really recommend one since I haven't tried them out myself. It depends on your wife's taste and yours really. If she does use them for the intended purpose though I wouldn't recommend pullups, I'd rather go for tabs.
Always discreet, they fit adults, have floral prints and low rise
2nd for Always Discreet maximum pull up for first timer female use.
I don't think she is going to use them, just wear them. Something that looks decent. I guess it kind of does depend on my taste, but I want her to be comfortable, too.
Has she ever been a kind of girly-girl with colors? You know, pinks, purples, those things? If so, the Molicare Super Plus is a medical diaper with that purple tinge in the plastic.
She is. I like those myself. Might have to get some.
I'll second the molicare superPlus suggestion. They're pretty soft and comfortable. Also not super thick or anything, which might be a plus for someone who's not really into wearing?

Seni quatros are also really comfortable, but they're thick, on the more expensive side, and definitely a higher rise than other diapers of similar sizing. Seni also makes a pullup, but it's about as bad as all of the other adult pullups so I wouldn't necessarily recommend it over any of the other brands.
she still might end up liking something girly. DC Amore's kitten are nice without being too over the top. (Rearz Princess may be laying it on a bit too thick)
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