Footy Pajamas!

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Ok so I've tried looking around for some good onesie pjs and I'm REALLY picky. I found this one site called the-all-in-one-company. They do custom pjs but they are so expensive like £100+, which is currently around $150+. So I'm trying to find a cute onesie with a hood and fox/wolf ears and is all fuzzy. Preferable not so expensive :sweatdrop:

Did I mention I'm picky ^^
If you have a smaller build (these pajamas come in Juniors sizes, which are smaller than regular Women's sizes) and you don't mind having cheaper PJs, here's an option from WebUndies.

There are lots of fox and wolf footie pajamas out there, though. Just google "Fox Footie Pajamas" or "Fox Kigurumi" for dozens of options.
I just bought myself my first footie pajama ever for my birthday :3 Found it from ebay! They sell like hundreds of different kinds!
I was going to make one for myself but I noticed it is actually cheaper to order one from abroad than actually make it from scratch.. kinda bummer actually. I'm getting one with a skeleton print on it, and the hood part is a skull haha.

I don't know where you live tho.. like, are you american? Isn't Amazon better then to search for a footie than the ebay I recommended? Oh! You should also search what Etsy can offer!
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