Footie pajama in public?

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Would you wear footie pajamas in public I've always wanted to but I want to know what you guys think
Just put a hoodie on over top and wear shoes, kinda just look like pants. I've done it, but only to go through the drive thru for food hehe
Liberal Arts College, best place for this kind of thing. Heck I go to the hangout at my college in my pajamas all the time. In my group of friends, no one will judge you for that. Heck one guy brought a naked anime girl blanket and his waifu body pillow. We got a laugh out of that one. But yeah, I'd do it.
I have worn a very adorable and childish unicorn footed pj's to my extended family Christmas... I have not really gone any other places wearing them because when it is cold enough outside to wear them I need actual winter gear and summer is to hot. But if the weather was ok and I was feeling particularly lazy I would have no problem wondering about outside the home in them.
I walk the dog and walk out to the street to get my newspaper in my footed jammies, diaper underneath. It's winter though, so I have a winter coat on and shoes, so all anyone can see is the print which on one pair is Cookie Monster, another has teddy bears and the third, little yellow duckies.
Yeah I walk the dog in my pajamas, too. Though it's khaki colour, dull hoodie type footie from men's wear section.
I've taken out the trash or gone out to the backyard with diaper and footie PJs on, but usually coat and shoes on over that, so not particularly notable. I considered wearing Star Wars PJs to the new Star Wars movie, but I worried about being randomly photographed, so decided against it (though I was diapered for that).
I've taken out the trash in my onesie quite often. Once I drove my daughter to the local shop while wearing it with a dressing gown over it. I stayed in the car though. All I could think of is "Now is not the time for a flat tyre."
I have gone out to take my garbage out in onesie or to talk with friends on the porch,the only time I have ever been out in non normal clothes was when there was a shooting,I grabbed my gun and went to see about it,the police arrived I had already secured the scene and marked the position of casings and such then the questions started from the cops as to why was I ought and about in a cloth diaper and rubber pants, told him the truth did not have time to get dressed any better!

Did not give me a problem.
I regret not doing this when I was in college. The closest I've come to it is while it was completely concealed. Drove out after a snowstorm once with my diaper and footed PJs on, but had heavy boots, sweatpants, and a winter coat on to hide it all. Very nearly got stuck in deep snow, and started thinking my life might get more complicated over the next couple hours. Now, at this point in my life, I don't know if the opportunity to openly wear my pjs will come up. But I will always be on the lookout for it.
Few months ago I've seen a boy (student ofc) who came to my university in panda kigurumi. Surely he wasn't abdl/little but it was unexpected and cute :D
How do you wear footie pajamas under your clothes without showing any ideas
Naa, I would only wear them inside and it's not because I have any issue with the idea of wearing PJs in public, it's just more about appearances for me XD. I wouldn't even wear normal pajamas outside. The only exception being is getting the mail or taking out the trash. Simple things like that, but even though that would only be if I was in a rush or something.
I've worn footy pjs in public once. It wasn't that bad. But it was at a fur con. There was a story time for cubs...I wore pjs to it. But they were also animal print, so someone might not have realized that they were pjs, and thought it was like a fursuit.
The only time I went out in public was when I was bored and I went to Kmart in the afternoon wearing nothing but the footie pajamas no shoes or clothes on top walked in to Kmart and walked around and actually had 6 other people come to me and ask if I would help pick out some footie pajamas for them and then go to the mall and go walk around and go shop well I did it with the 7 of us and we had a good time now, just looking for a way to wear my footies under my clothes without showing so I can wear my footies for a month straight without taking it off due to a dare except for taking showers every day ovusaly I have to take them off then but I'm going to complete this dare but can't figure out how to do it I need help
Hey the students wear there pj's to walmart every day where I live college close by.
It's the in thing lol.
Nothing said I get a grin when I see them.

I went late night shopping in my first set.

This was when i first was letting my self be a child. and was not sure about things as it was all new to me.

it felt so right. And my freand was encouraging me.

It Felt great but thought everyone would look at me. And and laugh at me. Becouse they would see a man in a diaper and a oneise. Was super nervous but went for it knowing that if it went badly I was able to get home. I did have a hoodie on as well.

No one pay me any attention that I noticed. They were all so buzzy, doing their own thing. And I sat on the floor in the toy aisle looking at toys. And we looked at pacifiers. But I did not get anything like that at that time.

I think doing this help me to except who I was. Maybe it's not for everybody. But give it a try.

Thank you.

I've gone out footie-padded before. Always with a hoodie and shoes on and never past forty feet away from me house unless I'm driving around with no intention of getting out of the car.
I actually do all the time (with a diaper under them lol), and a few people had told me that I'm cute in them and I do get weird looks too. You'll be fine.
LOL, you all are talking about wearing in public when I'm like I can't even wear footed pajamas in-front of my own family. gg..
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