Footed Sleepers on sale at Macy's

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Hello All!! :)

I'm not sure if this was already posted (as I don't have time to look), therefore I apologize ahead of time, BUT........ pajamas&slotId=1

Macy's has men's footed pajamas on sale! :D Regular price $70, down to $17, PLUS a discount (I believe just this weekend only) and the shipping is only $10 for the total price of $26 after all is said and done.

Best part is, it actually has NON-SLIP SOLES!! :D Which to me is great, because out of 20+ footed sleepers I own, only one has them and I got it from Big Feet PJs which costs around $70.

Y'all have a good day!!
Thanks for posting. I have been looking at different sites for footed pjs and will check this out.
I have the beer mug ones and love them. Had them now about two years. Still in good shape.
I have the skull ones and they are among the most comfortable pajamas I have ever had. Though I have small feet for my size, so while the XL fits me perfectly the feet are rather large for me.
I recently bought the beer ones because they were also on sale and I've never had footie jammies yet. They are so soft and keep you quite warm. Don't think I could wear them in the fluctuating California weather at the moment because it actually keeps me too warm. Feels like you're covered neck to toe in a big soft blankey :)
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