Footed Pajamas in between sizes

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I was looking to getting another footed sleeper but I fall in between size medium and small. Would it be optimal to go the size larger?
Personally I would recommend the larger size if you are in between, but it is up to you to make the choice. I think you could be happy with both? Why not buy both sizes?
I would get the larger because you know you can fit into that, even though there may be some extra length in the legs, etc. But if small is too small, it would be impossible to comfortably wear it. You could also wash the medium in hot water and shrink it.
Absolutely go with the medium. As dogboy said, if it is too small, you can't use it. If it is too large, you can still use it.

I don't know where you are going to get the footed pajamas but there is another possibility. You can order the smaller size and if it doesn't fit, return it and get the medium. Many on-line stores allow returns just because judging sizes on-line is so hard. From personal experience, I find that for some stores, the return procedures are not worth the trouble. But this is another option.
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