foods/drinks/spices/herbs that affect the prostate?


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Does anyone here have a reliable resource for what things I should be avoiding?
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There are several list and papers that speak to the effects of this or that (fill it in here) that affects the 'full' urinary system (not only the prostate). The sad reality is that stating with your hydration status, activity level, diet then adding medications you are taking for any number of physical issues, plus your general list (foods/ drinks, spices, herbs), all will /can have an effect on your urinary systems. Most of us maintain a journal as to what affects us as what effects one individual, likely has little or no effect on you.

The reality of Incontinences is that our Medical Support Professional have several clients in which they do not know why! And, a larger number that have specific food, drinks, etc. that affect them and our medical group do not know why! Now there are specific food, drinks, etc. that are more common, those you will find on those list and/or TV commercials.

If you are Incontinent, to some level, you have likely come across those items that affect you. If you are newy IC, you should be using a journal to comply your list.

My specific type of U-IC is really not effected as my cause was a car crash, a calculation of blunt force vs. soft tissue.
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I've tried coffee, no coffee. Soda, no soda. Spicy, not spicy. The randomness of my UIC seems unpredictable. For a few months I could wear a pad and be fine. I just got off a week long stretch of nothing but pullups. I was better for a few days but the constant drip is back. Nighttime is Threaded Armor training pants or pullup if I'm traveling.
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