folding disposable diaper to make singal tap

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Has anyone ever folded a disposable diaper to make it a signal tap like a baby diaper has. I want try it but I'm worry about leaks or should I be fine.
Tried it before, can work but I would highly suggest using plastic pants over that cause adult bodies aren't made to really work with a single tape diaper, that's why there's no adult single tape diaper on the general incontinence market at least. It makes them more babyish and its awesome, but beware that it could leak on you.
I try it last night and actual work pretty good with no leaks and fitted better then normal.
Poohbearboy said:
I try it last night and actual work pretty good with no leaks and fitted better then normal.

It may work for the first wetting or so, but the single tapes won't be able to fully effectively utilize their absorbent material resources before leaking out the leg gather.
I thought Tena made a single taped diaper...
I did it to adult diapers for many years. In fact we talked about this on an episode of the ABDLcast. I don't wet very often (talked about that too), but rarely had a problem with leaking. Just didn't flood the thing :)
I'm over the desire to have single tape diapers. having 2 tapes on the bottom and top makes sense with adult ones having 4 provides a much better fit.
I'll admit to disliking the two-tapes-per-side thing. As far as I'm concerned, it's a cop-out made pseudo-necessary by the fact that there are so few sizes of adult diaper, and so little elastic in the waists. Basically, each adult diaper size targets an enormous range of body shapes/sizes relative to the baby sort, and since there's no elastic to allow these diapers to conform to your body on their own, you get a bunch of extra tapes and have to do it yourself.


Of course, the alternative would be more expensive.

Folding your way to a one-tape-per-side diaper seems totally workable. I haven't tried it myself, though. If your diapers are a perfect fit when worn the normal way, you might want to buy a size larger if you plan to do any folding. Otherwise, once you've pulled the back of the diaper up high enough to ensure that the level of the lower tapes is above your hips and butt, the front of the diaper may be too low.
Actually, Tena does make a couple cloth-like backed diapers that when stuffed(my personal prefference) pretty much do feel like single-tab baby diapers. Unfortunately, they do not have any baby type graphics on them. The eabs are a hook and loop type that make re-fastening easy and convienient if necessary. They are the Tena Stretch super and the Tena Stretch Ultra and one ia a pale green while the other is all white. Not sure about your personal prefference for plastic backed or cloth-like backed. Hope this is helpful if even a little bit.
xtrabulk said:
I thought Tena made a single taped diaper...

Tenas make double from what I know, they also have pull ups too...
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