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I typically am not a day wearer but about 6 months ago I woke rather quickly from a nap on a long flight. I was on the edge and caught it just in time. I had my PUL plastic underpants in my carrying on bag but do not use them until I go to sleep at the hotel. Being on the edge I got up and pulled them out of my bag (had it in a plastic bag) and changed in the airplane lavatory (on an airplane it is a lavatory, anywhere else it is a bathroom - go figure).

I used the toilet but after going to my seat and being a bit more secured I wondered what would have unfolded if I had not woke up in time and visibly had an accident. I then decided wearing for long flights made perfect sense. I recently flew on a 6 hour flight but this time had stocked up with Depends Pull-Up Full Briefs for men (yes not the best for SAP but good enough for my situation). So going through security I have 5 briefs and my PUL in the bag. The TSA guy says something about the machine cutting the picture off and wants to run the bag through again. He runs it again and before he provided a response I offered to have him manually check my bag. I have seen them run their hands over my protective undergear before and they have NEVER made a scene about it; in fact, they just keep going on and typically might pull my small coin purse up a bit to look at it. I then go to the airport bathroom by the gate and change into my brief, pull my regular underwear over that, and pull my PUL over that. Yes a bit bulky but not that revealing.

So by 5 hours into the flight I have the urge to go. At this point I am committed so I let go a bit and fall back to sleep. About another hour and I wake up having to go again so I let go a bit more. By the time we land and walk through the airport I really have to go but decided to test it some more and let go again (about 10 seconds each time). I decided to stop by for some lunch and use the bathroom and noticed my brief still had a ways to go so I just let loose and head back to my table and finish lunch.

As I checked into my room I decided to take another nap and placed my plastic mattress cover on the bed. Instead of changing I just hopped into bed and fell asleep fully soaked for about two hours. Waking up and being soaked but still having no leakage was the greatest feeling of security! I took a shower and decided to change into another brief and my PUL and went to dinner. I watched TV after that for about 2 hours letting go a bit each time for about 10 - 15 seconds. The next morning no leakage but fully soaked I came to the conclusion that "letting go" for only 10 - 15 seconds several times an hour is better to lower the potential for any leakage than letting it all go at once. Not so mind-boggling but sometimes logic does not work the way you think. I plan to do this on my next long flight again as the comfort / security was incredible and I can take a nap with no fear of not catching it!
Sounds like you end up whit a weary wet diaper before you change. How soggy was it?
I know the feeling. I always am thickly diapered for my flights and it is an absolute comfort. I don't have to worry about the seatbelt sign, disturbing my neighbors, or extended tarmac delays. Diapers have saved me on numerous flights.
I fly a fair amount these days and always worry about too much thickness between my legs. I'm a pretty big guy and and very, very conscientious about never taking more than my fair share of room, and that means keeping my legs together. If I wore a thick diaper, my fear is that I wouldn't be able to do that and the flight would be agony for me.

Oh, and I should say too that I've never had any issues with the TSA and diapers. I've worn pull-ups through the scanner many times, and had full-on diapers in my bag and no one has ever said anything. It's a little disappointing, if I'm being honest. :)

Pikachu said:
Sounds like you end up whit a weary wet diaper before you change. How soggy was it?

It was full from the very front top of the padding to the back top of the padding. This was an achievement for me because when I had "let go" in a pull-up previously it leaked out the crotch before the entire amount of padding even had time to soak it up. Definitely taking small amounts to soak in over an extended period of time was the ticket! I did have to be gentle when sitting down or getting into bed. I still favor my PULs to wear with them just in case of a small leak which is why I had my normal cotton underwear over the pull-up.
I've flown several long flights in the past year and worn diapers each time. However, I have found many diapers get uncomfortable after a few hours in the flight, as they bunch up or "form" to your rear end. It seems like it would be comfortable, but for some reason it isn't. I also find it harder to pee while sitting in an airplane seat. I've been trying something different each time to find one that is better. I actually tried Snuggies this past week, and while it doesn't hold a lot, it was definitely more comfortable. The A+ Level 4 also wasn't bad. I think the ones that have a bigger wing around your back side stay a little more comfortable... then again, I guess that is partly opinion and partly how they fit you... Wearing on flights though is great!
I too have worn on flights, but not always. It depends on who I am with and where I need to be once I land. It can be uncomfortable with some of the thicker brands, as sitting for hours puts more stress on pressure points, I find, when padded than not. I agree, letting go a little at a time makes the most sense, especially if using a less absorbent diaper (which to me, may be more comfortable to sit in for longer periods of time, but you run the risk of leaking).
I wore both directions on our honeymoon (2 hour flights each way). Plan to wear on our upcoming anniversary trip (again 2 hour flights each way). No problems with TSA at all.
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