Floating in the water

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Has anyone ever found that floating in the water with a secure life jacket strangely comforting? I found this rescue pfd on eBay and it has many straps and lots of buoyancy to keep you floating. It's main purpose is for rescue in swift water but I find it strangely comforting (a little arousing too) to just float there in the water with a beer or a pop. It's kind of the same comfortingly feeling of wearing diapers, it's that very secure feeling like nothing bad could happen there. Let me know all your thoughts! Thanks.
I like that too but I don't get aroused...

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Not being snarky or anything
i've not been in the water since i knackered my shoulders, but i do like a float, albeit without a lifejacket.
i'm now trying to weigh-up if i prefer floating to swimming in the rain :chin:
I've always never been very comfortable in water so in a choice between floating and a thick diaper, it's gonna be the diaper.
Oh yes. I remember when I was a kid and my family was out with our boat.
I used to wear a life jacket that had a strap between my legs and I just loved how that felt.
It reminded me of wearing a diaper with a onesie.
Just leaning forward and feeling something hold tight around your bum.
That's nice, like the car seat straps.

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That go around your crotch, (sorry, can't explain it too well, just look at a toddlers car seat)
Yea, just like a car seat! In fact, my wife dropped a can of pop into the water for me because we thought it would float and there were so many straps on the jacket (7 plus a zipper) there was no time to I strap and make a dive for it. I felt a little helpless. It was perfect.
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