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Anyone else getting this weird grey ! mark. I heard it was called the grey circle of death, but no one solution to the problem.
Flash player was probably the wrong term. It's an adobe software issue.
Flash is still used on many sites -- I think we're still a way off of HTML5 completely replacing it.

Anyway, it's still working here on both Linux and Windows. Perhaps there's some other problem with your browser cache or profile.

You could try clearing your cache to see if that helps. If not, try creating a clean profile (which will have default settings and no add-ons) to see if that fixes the problem. If you're using Firefox, you can start the Profile Manager by running "firefox -p" in a command prompt.
huh that's interesting. I've never seen this error before, but the adobe blog says
"The generic memory error icon was added in Flash Player version 10.1 and will appear within a browser when the Flash Player has been particularly abused or is running in a very low memory environment. The icon, affectionately known as the Gray Circle of Death (GCOD), is a gray circle with a white exclamation mark within it."

How much ram do you have on your computer? What internet browser are you using? What operating system are you using? and what version of flash do you have installed? What are you trying to load when you get the icon? Sorry for asking too many questions, but that details would be nice to know :) If you're using Chrome, how many tabs do you have open? might need to close Chrome and just have that one application open.
I still have vista. just internet explorer, and a game on facebook. 4GB of ram.
i often have flash problems on my other machine [XP], usually after flash or Firefox [one or the other or as both together] has updated. sometimes it seems to be dodgy downloads [on my, or the server's side; along with bloody taxis going past our house :cursing:], but it often seems to be incompatability between the two aspects, and that take a while to come to the attention of either's managers and for solutions to be implemented.

first and foremost, i'd change to Firefox, if i were you [IE is almost dead and won't be a priority for consideration], or try the updates for IE and then, the updates for flash.
on my XP machine, it can take two or three goes at updating for everything to work properly.
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