Five years ago, I took over my High schools winter musical. And it got me a job offer recently


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As some of you know, I had it rough in high school. With the constant bullying, and my tendency to cause/find trouble, I was always under a lot of pressure. But, I had one outlet: music. I was a regular in chorus and the musicals and preformed with passion often taking lead roles, even though I hated my school.

Midway through my 2nd year in high school, I had been though a lot. I got blamed for vandalism I didn't commit, a bully assaulted me and got away with it because he was an athlete. I had had enough. I wanted to get back at my school in a creative and fun way, so I did the first thing that came to my head...I decided I would take over my schools winter show. I had a way with bribery back then so I bribed the senior who was running the play to look the other way, thus giving me full control of the school play. I changed the play from some boring musical into something a little more colorful...The Rocky Horror Picture Show musical. I had the band and chorus involved. should've seen the look on my choir teachers face on opening night. I got into so much trouble for that one. I just wish I'd known there where gonna be little kids in the audience. I think I scarred some for life.

Fast forward to 2018, I got a letter two weeks ago from my old high school asking me to help direct their winter show...of course it was something a lot more subtle. Sadly, I had to decline because of my job getting in the way, but I'm surprised that paid off.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy a tale of one of my youthful hijinks. My holiday gift to you all.

Happy holidays...